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Correct Police and Security Deficiencies Fayetteville, VAMC - Fayetteville, NC

NEI served as a subcontractor for this project providing Civil Engineering investigation, design services and survey services on the site for the construction of 3,700 lineal feet of fencing and gates. Scope of work included the civil design of fencing, bollards and gates, removal of foliage and trees and extension of sewer lines. Work included design of all required removal and restoration of walks, curbs, driveways and similar features.

Design and Construction of Personnel Staging Building PennDOT - Mt. Cobb, PA

Design and contract administration of a newly constructed 640 sq feet single-story personnel staging building. The building consisted of an open area, office, utility room and closet. The new building was designed with one exterior entrance accessible at grade.

Renovate Auditorium Bath VAMC - Bath, NY

The project renovated an existing 360 seat auditorium that provides entertainment to full-time veteran residents. Design included new stage lighting, controls, and rigging. The house lighting was re-done to accommodate instructional sessions taking place in the auditorium where reading and written tasks needed to be performed in the general seating area. Acoustical design included review of existing materials and selection of new finishes and treatments. A new sound system was also included.

Replace Powerhouse Roof White Haven VA Center - White Haven, PA

Design and contract administration for the replacement of the existing 5966 of EPDM roof with a new EPDM membrane roof, including all flashing, termination and drainage accessories required to make the building water-tight.

Dishwasher Installation Gino Merli Veterans Center - Scranton, PA

Design and contract administration of a new dishwasher and new built-in booster heater to replace the existing dish machine. Additionally, disconnects needed to be moved due to life safety conditions.

Building 24 Generator Bath VAMC - Bath, NY

The project consisted of providing a new 400KVA Generator to serve Building 24. This building houses food preparation for the entire campus and needed to be functional in the event of a power outage. An evaluation of the existing system was completed and options were proposed to the VA Medical Center. A complete emergency system was designed including diesel generator, control panel, critical silencer, block water jacket heater, sub base fuel tank, standard outdoor enclosure and automatic transfer switch. The system was designed to tie into Building 24 at the main service disconnect location. Construction Documents were phased to minimize power disruption during cut over and installation of the new automatic transfer switch.

Design & Constuct Personnel Staging Building PennDOT - Mt. Cobb, PA

NEI designed and served as contract administrator for a newly constructed 640 sq ft single story Personnel Staging Building. The building consisted of an open area, office, utility room and closet. The building required one exterior entrance accessible at grade.

Correct FCA Electrical Deficiencies Wilkes-Barre VAMC - Wilkes-Barre, PA

This project consisted of all design work needed to upgrade the existing electrical systems at the Wilkes-Barre VAMC including medium and low voltage electrical distribution equipment, low voltage panel boards, feeder conductors and electrical/telcom closets. Work included HVAC, plumbing design, life safety and telcom drawing and specifications. The scope of the design services included: replacement of the 15KV switchgear and all underground primary service cables and raceways to all buildings, load flow analysis for the emergency electrical distribution system, and replacement of approximately 67 panel boards throughout the facility. Also included was the redesign of 120 exterior site lighting poles, fixtures and bollards including wiring, evaluation of existing concrete pole bases and underground raceway systems associated with the site lighting for possible re-use and/or replacement and a lighting study to present options for lamp source types and fixture types.