Electrical Systems Study Manhattan VA Medical Center

  • Circuit tracing and documenting all electrical device end-points in 1.2 million SF of hospital space
  • Includes 13.2 Kv distribution feeders to 480 volt transformers as well as feeders to 208 volt transformer
  • All branch circuits are traced from last panel. Total panels = 600
  • Over-current protection devices are documented and wire size and length also recorded
  • Included generators, automatic transfer switches and emergency distribution
  • Electrical deficiencies recorded, code reference and corrective recommendation for each deficiency

Replace Electrical Substation Lebanon VA Medical Center

  • “Mission Critical” area. Adherence to VA Physical Security Guidelines met and patient privacy ensured
  • Coordinated with Met-Ed to determine current electric consumption and trends
  • Designed a new electric substation

Replace Bldg 5 Electrical Switchboard Lyons VA Medical Center

  • Identified deficiencies
  • Designed electrical system to correct identified deficiencies
  • Replaced electrical switchboard equipment for entire building
  • Replaced main feeder to three additional breaker panels
  • Refurbished electrical room walls, floors, ceilings

Correct Electrical Deficiencies Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center

  • Identified electrical deficiencies in 800,000 SF
  • Designed electrical system to eliminate or correct identified deficiencies
  • Replaced primary 12.47KV double ended switchgear and four 15KV underground feeders with new duct and manhole system
  • Designed a campus-wide lighting system
  • Consolidated over 25 panel boards
  • New Fire Alarm System and emergency lighting/exit signage
  • Arc Flash Study and short circuit and fuse relay study
  • New Arc Flash labels placed on all equipment

Building 24 Generator Bath VA Medical Center

  • 480 volt 3-phase Generator provided
  • Complete evaluation of existing system
  • New generator was designed to tie into building 24 at main service disconnect location
  • Emergency system designed including: diesel generator, control panel, critical silencer, 72-hour supply, sub-base fuel tank, standard outdoor enclosure, automatic transfer switch

Upgrade Generator & Transfer Switches Lyons VA Medical Center

  • Replacement of the existing 100-kW generator at the Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Replacement of the generator transfer switches
  • Alterations to the existing emergency generator system

Full Building Generator System at Bldg No. 6 Clarks Summit State Hospital

  • Design of a new 200kW (250kVA) outdoor full-building propane generator system to match the rating of the existing building transformer
  • Components included a sound attenuated weatherproof enclosure, above ground propane tank and service entrance rated generator transfer switch
  • An alternate was provided to retain the existing indoor 70kW (87.5kVA) propane life safety generator system

Electrical Upgrade & Emergency Standby Generator PennDOT Maintenance District 4-2

  • Replacement of existing generator
  • Design included demolition of existing generator and automatic transfer switch
  • New 200kW diesel generator installed near service entrance to reduce distribution costs
  • New service and service entrance rated automatic transfer switch to save space within the garage area
  • Emergency lighting system designed

Stroud Township Generators Stroud Township, Pennsylvania

  • Design of emergency generators for three pump stations
  • Design included demolition of existing equipment and re-design of all service entrances
  • Each site was calculated and generators designed based on 80%motor load
  • Diesel tanks calculated to provide 48-hour run time
  • Sound attenuating enclosures to reduce noise
  • Lighting design for emergency night-time work