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Electrical Systems Study Manhattan VA Medical Center

  • Circuit tracing and documenting all electrical device end-points in 1.2 million SF of hospital space
  • Includes 13.2 KV distribution feeders to 480 volt transformers as well as feeders to 208 volt transformer
  • All branch circuits are traced from last panel. Total panels = 600
  • Over-current protection devices are documented and wire size and length recorded
  • Includes generators, automatic transfer switches and emergency distribution
  • Electrical deficiencies recorded, code reference and corrective recommendation for each deficiency

Correct Electrical Deficiencies Wilkes-Barre VAMC

The project included the design of electrical systems to eliminate or correct electrical deficiencies throughout the 500,000 SF facility. Replacement of the primary 12.47KV double ended switchgear and four 15KV underground feeders, design of a campus-wide lighting system, consolidation of over 25 panelboards, replacement of various disconnect switches with high rated AIC equipment were all part of the project. All construction plans and specifications were completed for bidding within a 90 day time frame.

Building 24 Generator Bath, NY VA Medical Center

  • 480 volt 3-phase generator provided to serve building 24
  • Complete evaluation of existing system
  • Emergency system designed including:
  • diesel generator
  • control panel
  • critical silencer
  • 72-hour supply
  • sub-base fuel tank
  • standard outdoor enclosure
  • automatic ransfer switch
  • New generator was designed to tie into building 24 at main service disconnect locations
  • Construction documents phased to minimize power disruption during cut-over and installation

Replace Building 5 Electrical Switchboard Lyons, NJ VA Medical Center


  • Identified deficiencies in building 5, Basement Level electric room
  • Designed Electrical system to correct identified deficiencies
  • Building facade and portico deficiencies addressed to eliminate water/humidity issues:
  • Replaced Electrical Switchboard equipment for entire building
  • Replaced main feeder to three additional breaker panels located throughout building 5
  • Refurbished electrical room walls, floors, ceilings, to address infiltration

Replace Electrical Substation Lebanon, PA VA Medical Center

Switchgear Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Bronx, NY VA Medical Center

Upgrade Generator & Transfer Switches Lyons, NJ VA Medical Center

4160V and Secondary Switchgear Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Bronx, NY VA Medical Center